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Mafucci Almond Biscuits (Cantucci)
This delicious biscuit is born from Tuscan tradition. The high quality ingredients and ancient recipe for these almond biscuits make them suitable to eat at any time of the day, by themselves or matched with a good glass of Vinsanto wine.

"Mafucci" is a combination of the highest quality, best ingredients along with old manufacturing techniques. In Sant'Arcangelo, on the shores of Lake Trasimeno, in the heart of green Umbria, the family had fond memories of going with their parents to Borgo Mafucci. It was there that they fell in love with their homemade dessert trays - "pastarelle". In 2014, they discovered an artisan studio where Roberta, starting from selected ingredients, bakes cakes which release the flavors and aromas of times past.

I Guinigi's roots began as a small grocery shop in Tuscany, in the historic city of Lucca. In 2013, they became Guinigi Lucca SRL and took over the brand "Bonta Express" in 2014. They strategically moved to Bastia, the Umbrian valley between Perugia and Assisi and continue their search for the finest foods and wines in Italy.