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Gnomi Organic Pasta by L'Origine - Allegra
L'Origine created their Food of the Gnomes line of hearty and nutritious whole grain pastas for grown ups and kids to enjoy. Certified organic, their Gnome line of foods are to be used in soups. They are made up of a well balanced mix of cereals and vegetables that all originate from organic cultivation, so as to guarantee optimum nutritional value as well as being easy to digest. Stone ground rice, millet and barley flours make it a healthy choice for both adults and young and delicate digestive systems.

Allegra (Happy) are miniature star-shaped (stelline), bronze-drawn pasta. Made with organic durum wheat semolina, organic carrot, organic nettle and organic red beet.
Cooks in 6 minutes.

L'ORIGINE is situated in Castegnero in the province of Vicenza in the district of Colli Berici. The factory is perched atop the beautiful Berici Hills. We had the privilege of touring their family-run factory overlooking olive groves and the fertile plains below. The distinguishing trait of a family atmosphere immediately stands out, an environment where every thing is performed according to simple rhythms in which man is still involved in the transformation of the produce. In the mill some grains are slowly ground by a stone mill in order to prevent overheating and the loss of some nutritional elements of the grain itself. We were served an outstanding sampling of their favorite family pasta dishes made by the Beccaro family themselves. We are pleased to offer their wholesome, healthy, organic and delicious line of pastas.