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Terre di Grifonetto 100% Umbrian EVOO - Clear Bottle
This Terre di Grifonetto EVOO blend is derived from three Umbrian olive varieties: Leccino, Frantoio and Moraiolo. Harvested from October until the first week of November, oil is derived from continuous cold cycle extraction. When blended, these typical cultivars from the "green heart" of Italy form a wide, embracing taste, intensely interlaced with fruity herbaceous and sharply bitter notes that grow into a spicy finish. Its rich vegetal scent is of thistle and artichoke. This style of 100% Italian made EVOO is used in every traditional Umbrian dish and dazzles the most demanding consumers and discerning palates on the continued search for excellence.

Established in 2011 and currently represented by Angelica Pistelli and her mother, Francesca R. Cassano, Terre di Grifonetto is a brand name inspired by Grifonetto Baglioni (a charming, historical, Renaissance protagonist of Perugia), to tie the rich, regional history and centuries old family business to the company's modern identity. Angelica and Francesca’s family has owned and worked this land since the second half of the 16th century and have an absolute dedication to preserve and protect the authentic organoleptic characteristics and healthy properties of Terre di Grifonetto extra virgin olive oil.

Every elegant bottle of this delicious blend is made according to the strictest standards and pays attention to every detail. A perfect gift, each bottle comes with an integrated pourer, a bilingual (italian/english) card indicating the cultivars, the organoleptic notes, and QR code.