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Natura Sana Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil by Coppini
This certified organic 100% Italian extra virgin olive oil has a full-bodied structure and fruity, fragrant flavor. It comes to us from Coppini, one of Umbria's most respected producers. Coppini has been perfecting the craft of olive oil production since 1955. The company is located in Terni, Umbria, a place well known as "the green heart of Italy" that has an ancient culture related to olive oil.

Since ancient times, the olive tree has been regarded as a symbol of peace and has provided food, fuel and medicine. Extra virgin olive oil is the precious gift of this tree and each tree has a story to tell. This is what makes extra virgin olive oil a special food with a unique story. Nowadays extra virgin olive oil, with its high content of oleic acid, is one of the key elements of the famed Mediterranean Diet. The daily consumption of extra virgin olive oil offers many major health benefits.

The Coppini company is run today by Mr. Angelo, the descendant of the founder. Together with his daughter Micaela and his sons Andrea and Matteo, they maintain the highest quality standard for their products. Maintaining such a high quality means always keeping up with the latest machinery and innovations.

In 1994, thanks to Micaela's will to expand the business abroad, the company started exporting. Nowadays Coppini products can be found in more than 35 different countries all over the world. The company is also seriously committed to "green" initiatives. All of the company's electrical power is produced by their on-premise solar panel plant, built in 2011.