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Acacia Honey with White Truffles by Valnerina Tartufi - 250g
White truffle honey is prepared with acacia honey, famous both for its organoleptic characteristics and for its physical faculties; thanks to these qualities its consistency and color do not change over time. Its sweet taste and its fluid consistency go with the Bianchetto truffle (Tuber Borchii Vitt.) 0,7% and with the White truffle (Tuber Magnatum Pico) 0,3% thus creating a one of a kind taste. You can use it with Ricotta and cacao, with ice cream, with creams or with pecorino or caciotta cheeese, according to your preferences or simply with toasted bread.

Fresh truffle have always existed; this special product of the earth can be found in each season of the year. It was exalted as divine food by the ancient Athenians but considered as the excrement of the devil and witches in Medieval times. According to the ancient scientist Avicenna, it was a cause of apoplexy, paralysis and of fat and atrabilious humours, while Platina defined it as "a very nutrient food…an aphrodisiac". As Molière denounced in one of his comedies truffles were seen as ambiguous creatures. The tuber has also been at the core of disputes and hypotheses among well-known thinkers like Savonarola.

What is unique in Valnerina Tartufi's method of production is the quality of their products, which do not contain colorings or preservatives. They are sterilized at the end and so they can grant a shelf life of 3 years after the date of production.

Although Elisabetta and Leonardo only founded Valnerina Tartufi in 2007, the company draws on over 50 years of experience from the entire Matteucci family and neighboring truffle hunters. Valnerina is arguably the most beautiful part of Umbria, and strictly translated means "little valley of the Nera". It is here, in the green heart of Italy, in the shades of oaks, poplars and lime trees, that these truffles thrive. Adhering to time-honored and traditional techniques, these truffle products truly reflect the rustic and verdant countryside, and are conserved in local olive oil to ensure a perfect conservation in the jar.