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Chestnut Cream by Brencio
Brencio's handmade jams are made for those of us who seek to discover new combinations of flavors made from all-natural, premium quality ingredients. Their chestnut cream is elegant and sinfully unforgettable. The people of Italy begin the day with bread, butter and jam. This has been a tradition since ancient times, and remains a must today! The tradition allows for many different kinds of jam, and chestnut cream is a longtime classic!

Unlike industrial jams, Brencio's are made according to traditional recipes with very few ingredients. Aside from the named ingredients, brown sugar is added and acts as the only preservative in the jars. The supreme calling card of this jam is its high chestnut content. Lesser chestnut creams have a thinner consistency. This one is supple and creamy.

The brand Brencio, deriving from the charming town "Ca'Brencio" located on the hills of Masera, creates a wide range of authentic, genuine, handcrafted Piedmontese specialties. Its products are derived from traditional and ancient recipes, ensuring the continuity of products that have become increasingly rare as Italian food production has become ever more industrialized. What most characterizes Brencio is their ability to marry the traditions of great Italian food with the demands of modern cooking. They never use dyes and preservatives in any of their products.

Brencio was started by Mauro Comazzi in Masera (North Piedmont) in 1987 and has gained national and international recognition for their production of delicious handmade food specialties. They have earned many awards, including the award for "Excellence for Food Products Under Glass" issued by the Piedmontese Region.