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Organic Tuscan Farro Pasta
Poggio del Farro is established in Tuscany, where the cultivation of Farro has existed since the dark ages. Their products have been perfected thanks to the experiences handed down from father to son during many years of farming. Poggio del Farro's passion is for genuine and traditional food, bringing you the true flavors of Tuscany. Thanks to the quality they ensure, both in production of raw materials and in processing them into finished foods, their farro products reach the consumer's table with their valuable qualities intact. Their farro product lines can be considered the ideal basis to prepare healthy and savory dishes.

Farro is a rustic crop grown in marginal areas, hills and mountains. It is resistant to drought and hostile conditions. Although cultivated, it remains similar to wild types, as it does not lose part of its husk (glumes and glumellas) even after normal threshing. This special feature makes it longer lasting, highly resistant to predators and other environmental hazards. Furthermore, its rustic nature avoids the use of chemical substances, so that organic natural cultivation can be used.

Poggio del Farro's pasta is drawn using bronze-molds and then dried slowly. This pasta is made only with farro flour and water. Tasty, light, and rich in fibre, it can be enjoyed with all kind of sauces. Controlled and certified by "Consorzio per il Controllo dei Prodotti Biologici" (Association for Controlling Organic Products) of Bologna, from organic crops. Varieties sold separately.

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