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Asin Tibuok Sea Salt aka The Dinosaur Egg by xroads
Asin Tibuok [ä-sin tç–bʊ-ʊk] is a sharp and earthy sea salt presenting mild smoky undertones on the palate. An old form of salt preservation once used for trade; inland bound rice farmers in need of salt trade with asinderos in need of rice. Coconut husks are soaked in seawater for months then sun dried. The husks are slowly burnt with local hard woods like mango and mahogany, creating a coconut charcoal combination. The activated charcoal is then used to filter seawater which is roasted in clay pots until salt forms into a solid dome. The fire and heat must be controlled so the clay pots don't break or get too hot, discoloring the salt inside. This process takes all day; both fire and salt cannot be left alone. It takes the entire evening for the salt to cool so that it can be handled. Asin Tibuok, a rare "unbroken" artisanal sea salt. Serve shaved onto a dish for presentation or finely ground; its application is only limited by the boundaries of your culinary intrigue.

Tierra: Bohol, Philippines; Central Visayas Region

Craft Production: Rooted in the culture of the community.

Small Production Levels: Nearly extinct, knowledge held by few.

Availability: On allocation.

Founded by Lennie DiCarlo in an effort to preserve, protect and exalt artisanal methods of hand crafted natural sea salts as a sustainable, eco-friendly product, xroads Philippine Sea Salts® was launched in 2005. Headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area, CA, USA, xroads Philippine Sea Salts® has developed a supply channel able to meet our customer’s needs worldwide.

Please Note: Asin Tibuok is approx. 2 kilos (2.2 lbs.) – since the clay pot and salt are handmade, sizes will vary slightly.