Tartufata (Truffle Spread) by Valnerina Tartufi - 500g: Buy Tartufata (Truffle Spread) by Valnerina Tartufi - 500g Online at igourmet.com

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Tartufata (Truffle Spread) by Valnerina Tartufi - 500g
Valnerina Tartufi's Tartufata contains fresh champignon mushrooms (Agaricus Bisporus), extra virgin olive oil, black olives, summer truffle, salt and flavorings. It's ready for use. If you want to enhance its taste you can saute some garlic and oil, let it cool and then pour the product contained in the jar. You can use it on bruschetta, pasta, meat or fish. If you want you can even add some fresh cooking cream.

Although Elisabetta and Leonardo only founded Valnerina Tartufi in 2007, the company draws on over 50 years of experience from the entire Matteucci family and neighboring truffle hunters. Valnerina is arguably the most beautiful part of Umbria, and strictly translated means "little valley of the Nera". It is here, in the green heart of Italy, in the shades of oaks, poplars and lime trees, that these truffles thrive. Adhering to time-honored and traditional techniques, these truffle products truly reflect the rustic and verdant countryside, and are conserved in local olive oil to ensure a perfect conservation in the jar.

  • Recommended quantity per person: 30 grams
  • This is a handicraft and Italian product and it does not contain preservatives or colorings.