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Chardonnay Artichoke Salsa by Gil's Gourmet
In 1989, on the realization that America's taste buds were heating up, Gil Tortolani opened up Gil's Gourmet Gallery and Hot Shop on Monterey's historic Cannery Row. Hot Shops, in those days, were a new thing: shops dedicated to making and/or selling specialty hot sauces. Gil's was one of the original Hot Shops in the nation, offering up rare treats like Gil's XXXtra Hot Garlic Salsa, one of the world's hottest salsas at the time, featuring habaneros and garlic fresh from neighboring Gilroy. The business quickly evolved into a combination Hot Shop/Wine Tasting Room, where customers could try adventurous new food and wine combos.

Gil's Chardonnay Artichoke Salsa, available in Mild and Hot varieties, combines a generous amount of marinated artichoke hearts and carrots with a special blend of herbs and spices topped off with a splash of Chardonnay wine.