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Wild Visciole Tart Cherry Jam by Mauri Maurizio
Visciole (a.k.a. Morello) cherries are naturally tart cherries from southern Italy. They are slightly different than Amarena cherries as they have red pigment in the skin and throughout the flesh whereas the flesh of the Amarena is clear (only its skin is red). Morello cherries contain a natural analgesic similar to that of aspirin, making them beneficial in fighting hypertension.

This delicious jam from Mauri Maurizio is handmade in small batches using techniques handed down from generation to generation. Its premium quality is achieved by following a particular craftsmanship. Mauri Maurizio's Visciole cherries are picked and selected before being mixed with sugar then slowly kettle cooked. This all-natural type of production method maintains the flavors and beautiful ruby red color of the fruit. Enjoy this confettura as you would any premium jam. It is great spread on toasted bread or bagel, especially at breakfast time, or as a cheese accompaniment any time of day.

The Mauri Maurizio company is located in the Marche region of Italy on a farm on a mountain 350 meters above sea level. Wild cherry trees are scattered throughout the area surrounding the farm and have become the source for this unique product. The company had the idea for bringing products made from Visciole cherries to market after a rediscovery of an ancient recipe. Their production of Visciole Cherry Wine commenced in 1995 and the range has continued to develop ever since.