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Tarallo with Fennel Seeds by I Lecci della Torre
Tarallo is a typical product of the Apulian tradition, made from flour, oil, salt, and white wine. I Lecci della Torre have added aromatic fennel seeds which lends a nice texture and delicate flavor of anise. Tarallo are a great snack, appreciated by both adults and children. Try heating before serving to release all of its flavors. Tastes freshly baked. It matches perfectly with beer or wine.

"I Lecci della Torre" offers only typical Italian products obtained according ancient recipes. Lecci della Torre, created in 2013, refers to the tower of the Castle that the Guinigi's owned in the city of Tuscany.

I Guinigi's roots began as a small grocery shop in Tuscany, in the historic city of Lucca. In 2013, they became Guinigi Lucca SRL and took over the brand "Bonta Express" in 2014. They strategically moved to Bastia, the Umbrian valley between Perugia and Assisi and continue their search for the finest foods and wines in Italy.