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Les Sables de l'Abbaye in Gift Tin
The origins of the Sablé date back to the 18th century in Normandy, when it was defined as ‘a much sought after type of confectionary which crumbles like a biscuit when eaten'. Towards 1870, Littré included the word ‘sablé' in his dictionary, where he defined it as ‘the name of a kind of cake from Normandy'.

Fifty years ago, Georges Lautour,a baker in Lonlay l'Abbaye, was locally known for producing hand-made Sablés and Galettes (French shortbread biscuits). The villagers supplied him with butter, cream, eggs and apples, endowing his biscuits with the flavors of the local produce of Normandy.

Today the Biscuiterie de l'Abbaye makes these traditional cookies using the original simple recipe and only the best basic ingredients, including Isigny AOC butter. These butter cookies are perfect for ending a light lunch on a sweet note, or after dinner with coffee and tea.