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Burrolio (Olive Oil-Based Butter Substitute)
This innovative new product is 100% vegan, made from 70% extra virgin olive oil and 30% cocoa butter. It is naturally solid at room temperature and contains no animal protein and no cholesterol. It is important to note that margarine is high in cholesterol because its solidification is obtained by a chemical process called hydrogenation. The extra virgin olive oil and cocoa butter are obtained exclusively by a process of squeezing their fruits (olives and cocoa pods). This important process is purely mechanical, without the use of any chemical solvents.

Burrolio is an ideal butter substitute for cooking, as its smoke point is over 100 degrees higher than that of butter. Its taste lives up to expectations thanks to the melt-in-your-mouth properties of the cocoa butter and the fresh, fruity and velvety taste of the extra virgin olive oil that extends across the palate.

This spreadable olive oil cream is shelf stable, but is best kept in the refrigerator to maintain a solid texture. Serve it on breakfast bagels or anywhere else you use butter or margarine - in an omelette, on toast, spread on sandwiches, and for sautéeing or frying meats, fish, or vegetables.

Oleum Sabinae was founded in 1998 based on a passion for the earth, the call of tradition, and the conviction that the good and genuine things in life are not subject to the wear and tear of time. The founders only had one objective, that was, to follow their respective family traditions and produce an extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality. Their primary concern is not how much to produce, but how to produce.