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White Truffle Tartufata by Oleum Sabinae
Only the highest quality vegetables are used in the production of this luxurious Tartufata. Mushroom and white truffle are minced together by hand then amalgamated with Oleum Sabinae's best extra virgin olive oil. Its packaging is exquisite, equalling the greatness of the product inside.

To the palate it offers the delicate yet stimulating flavor of Italian mushrooms, the presence of the white truffles rendering it quite special. Wonderful as a dip for grissini, it is also excellent for preparing "bruschette", vol au vents, and sandwich triangles. For a little something special spread it on a thin omelette then roll and slice. It is simply excellent as a condiment for a vegetarian pasta dish, and is definitely recommended smeared atop steak.

Oleum Sabinae was founded in 1998 based on a passion for the earth, the call of tradition, and the conviction that the good and genuine things in life are not subject to the wear and tear of time. The founders only had one objective, that was, to follow their respective family traditions and produce an extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality. Their primary concern is not how much to produce, but how to produce.