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Colman's Double Superfine Mustard Powder
Colman's mustard was first milled in Norwich, England, by Jeremiah Colman in 1814. The demand for this fine quality mustard grew every year, and by 1854, the Colman's factory had to move to new, larger premises in Carrow. It was around this time (almost 150 years ago) that Colman's was first packed in its distinctive red and yellow packaging - visual cues that have since been adopted by producers of Hot English Mustard the world over. At the same time, the famous bull's head was introduced, as a symbol of the heritage and tradition that has been associated with the brand ever since. Colman's has also become renowned for its uncompromised commitment to quality - so much so, that it was awarded a Royal Warrant by Queen Victoria, and won numerous medals at trade fairs worldwide.

Use Colman's hot English superfine double ground mustard seed to make fresh mustard or as a spice by rubbing it into chicken or beef before roasting. Roll potatoes in it before roasting to crisp the skin. Sprinkle into stews, use to thicken soups and gravies. The possibilities are endless!