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Olive Riceta Antica (Ancient Recipe Olives)
The company "La Macina Ligure" was founded by a family of traditional farmers that generation after generation have grown the typical plants of the Ligurian fields, especially the basil and the olives.
Their "Ancient Recipe Olives" are prepared with pickled olives, extra virgin olive oil, currants, pine nuts and salt. These olives are "Taggiasche", a quality typically Ligurian, from the Western Riviera. Plants that give this type of olive were planted by monks on the terraces overlooking the sea a century ago. The flavor is delicious, thanks to an excellent mix between the intense and aromatic taste of the olives and the particular sweetness and delicacy of the currants and the pine nuts. "Ancient Recipe Olives" are a refined and appetizing aperitif; an excellent dressing for salads; and for many elaborate courses.
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