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Made in the French town of Brie, Boursault is a very popular double cream cheese that is frequently found in grocery stores across France. Boursault, the cheese, was invented in 1953 by Henri Boursault, and was originally made in eight ounce drums. The company is now owned by Boursin, which makes relatively well-known spreadable, herbed cheeses. We sell this rich, creamy delight in a 6.3-ounce drums, which is a good size for a cheese with butterfat content as high as 74%. For those of you who gasp at that number and grab onto your chests, just remember,"fat is flavor". This cheese is worth every tiny bite, and besides, it could be worse--there are triple creams!
  • Best enjoyed within seven days of delivery.
  • Made from cow's milk.
  • Photo depicts whole 6.3 oz. form of cheese.