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Organic Mesquite Honey
This unique honey with its caramel coloring and slightly grainy texture is collected from the native organically managed mesquite forests of Northern Peru. It spreads beautifully and melts on the tongue.

Zócalo Gourmet purchases mesquite from several community-based producers in the Piura region of Peru. For centuries, the mesquite tree has been integral to the health and culture of this region. The pods are highly nutritious and have been used by locals since pre-Incan times as food for animals and humans in the form of pods, flour, syrup and as a toasted coffee-like drink. Yet these forests are in danger of disappearing due to excessive and uncontrolled consumption of mesquite wood and briquettes. In addition, the mesquite farmers lose about 60-70% of their production due to pests, lack of adequate and secure storage space, and poor transportation for bringing the product to market.

  • No honey should be fed to infants 12 months or younger.