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Cava Rose Vinegar by Castell de Gardeny
Imported from Spain, this Cava Rosé has notes of plum and red fruit. This vinegar can be used by chefs for salads and for even desserts; pastry chefs are using this Cava Rosé vinegar for pastries and desserts with fruit. Even some bartenders are using Rosé vinegars for mixed drinks and for soaking fruit with sugar. This wine vinegar is not like 95% of vinegars on the market that have a a very harsh finish in your throat. Made with the Schutzenbach method invented in 1823, it is smooth with the natural bite from the vinegar in the finish, but ends pleasant and not over-powering.

In 1908, Agusia Badia i Badia founded Castell de Gardeny in Mollerussa, Spain. It was originally set up as a winery devoted to selling high quality wines and vinegars. All of Badia's vinegars are made with the 150 year-old Schutzenbach method, which emphasizes the pure flavor of the finished product--not a quick production time like many industrial vinegars.