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Balsamic Ketchup by De Nigris
When the finest Balsamic vinegar of Modena meets real italian Tomatoes, something really special happens: De Nigris Balsamic Ketchup. De Nigris Ketchup is a combination of Italian tomatoes and balsamic vinegar that can be used to complement so many meals. Ketchup lovers are rejoicing using a new and innovative condiment for hamburgers and french fries. Vinegar lovers like the bold balsamic flavor used in a new way, and find it easy to incorporate into everyday meals. De Nigris balsamic ketchup is 100% natural without the addition of artificial colors or flavors, and it is gluten free!

The history of the de Nigris Company began in 1889, when Armando de Nigris founded the first vinegar works in Naples, Italy. Surrounded by rural farmlands his whole life, Armando’s passion for the earth’s bounty made way to the production of vinegar on a commercial basis. Now, passed down to the third generation, this passion continues with the addition of new products to enrich the existing assortment. De Nigris responds to consumer trends by offering organic vinegars, vinegar gift sets, and a wide range of fruit, flavored wine, and balsamic vinegars. Today, these innovations can be experienced in their products found around the world, distributed in more than 50 countries.