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BellaVitano Chai by Sartori
East meets west in this exotic pairing with the spiciness of Chai and Sartori's creamy and sweet BellaVitano. Proof that delicious pairings can bridge together any hemisphere. Pair with Asti Spumanti, Moscato, or Lambrusco wines. BellaVitano Chai by Sartori is perfect to serve with sweet pastries, nuts, oranges, cranberry biscotti, or dark chocolate. A Sartori-family original, this rich, creamy cheese with its nutty, fruity flavor is also - in all modesty - a celebrated gold-medal winner. Inspired by traditional, Italian farmstead cheese, BellaVitano Gold begins in the mouth like a premium Parmesan and finishes in award-winning style with hints of melted butter. This is where Sartori's artisan cheesemaking first began to shine. Sartori is a fourth-generation family owned and operated Wisconsin company in the great American tradition.
  • Made from pasteurized cow's milk.
  • Photo depicts whole 20 lb. form of cheese.