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La Bella Angiolina DOP Liguria Riviera Extra Virgin Olive Oil
La Bella Angiolina's "Dolci Moliture" DOP extra virgin olive oil literally means "sweet press". The unique flavor of this oil comes from local, late-harvest Taggiasca olives, which are left on the tree to develop a smooth and rich flavor. Velvety-smooth with an almond finish on the palate, this DOP oil from Liguria is delightful in salads, seafood, pestos, and meat sauces. Use for baking, even desserts like orange olive oil cake, or drizzled over gelato.

The origins of "La Bella Angiolina" go back centuries. Still faithful to local traditions, Luca Bastieri and family use top-quality ingredients to recreate traditional favorites in the sun-drenched Italian Riviera using their own, hand-harvested Taggiasca olives-- some from trees over 400 years old. These olives are always in high demand due to their tenderness and mild, yet complex, nutty character. These flavors are Italy at its best.