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Organic Jasmine Green Matcha 2oz
Jasmine tea was created during the Song Dynasty (960–1279) a period of intense creativity in Chinese history. In addition to spawning a literary and artistic renaissance of sorts, the Song Dynasty also saw much creative work in the realm of tea manufacture. At the time, the government began offering a series of tax credits to farmers who agreed to farm newly terraced hillsides. Farming became possible on the steep slopes thanks to the recent development of irrigation pumps that could elevate water up to the new fields. Farmers discovered that the new fields were ideal for growing many types of tea. As the tea farms grew in number, so to did the various varieties of teas being made to appeal to the increasingly sophisticated tastes of the urban population.

Among the most important of these varieties was the development of jasmine scented tea, produced by layering freshly plucked leaves with fragrant jasmine blooms during processing. At the time, jasmine tea became an instant success for merchants who began charging a premium for the wonderfully scented tea. In the same ancient spirit of creative commerce, we're pleased to offer the latest innovation in Jasmine tea, Organic Jasmine Matcha. Stone ground using an exceptional Jiangxi Province Jasmine tea, this is one cup you're customers will definitely be coming back for time and again - thick, creamy and fully infused with sweet jasmine floral notes – exceptional.