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Purple Loosestrife Raw Honey by Ames Farm
Yes, there is some use for an invasive plant like Purple Loosetrife: honey! This honey has an appealing butterscotch flavor profile with a faint hint of fennel. Purple Loosestrife is an invasive plant from Europe that was originally brought over to treat dysentery in New England. Today it can be found throughout North America's wetlands. The signature raw honey from Ames Farm is meticulously produced by segregating each 33 pound "super" or box of honey. Each jar is packaged by the hive number, location and flower source or season, all of which is printed on the label. In keeping their hives healthy do not feed antibiotics preventatively or put any unnatural treatments into their hives. They even still use traditional wood/beeswax combs instead of plastic comb that has taken over the industry.