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Nero Venere (Black Italian Rice)
In 1995, Countess Rosetta Clara returned from a trip around Asia with a few bags of Black and Red rice. Upon returning to Lucedio, and with the collaboration of Chinese agricultural professor Wan Xue Ren, a resident of Vercelli for the previous 10 years, Rosetta Clara developed a cross between the black and red rice of the Philippines with a local Italian variety, without any genetic manipulations. The resulting rice is grown in the Piemonte and have an incredible texture and color that make them quite unique and exciting to create new dishes, and variations on classic ones.

The Venere rice has to be boiled in abundant salted water the same way one would boil pasta, and for 30 minutes. Drain, season with olive oil, salt and a pinch of pepper, and serve as a side-dish or use the cooked rice in your favorite rice dish preparation. Mix the rice into a fish-soup, served in a bowl with a shellfish ragu, or mixed with sliced sautéed vegetables. Once cooled, the rice can be stored in the refrigerator or served in any type of salad or rice dish at a later date.

Contessa Rosetta Clara's suggestion: "I enjoy mixing boiled Venere black rice into a risotto for a touch of color and texture, as well as in making wonderful rice salads with chopped vegetables, shrimp or lobster during the Summer months."