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Roquefort AOP Papillon Black Label
This world-famous Roquefort is a noble, all-natural ewe's milk blue cheese from the Auvergne region of France. Papillon (which means butterfly in French) wraps their top-of-the-line Roquefort in black foil to distinguish it from lesser brands. Aged for over 4 months in the natural Combalou Caves, this exceptional Papillon Roquefort is distinguished first and foremost by its white curd and the intense blue which generously marbles its wide and numerous cavities. The taste of a good Roquefort is similar, in terms of analysis, to a grand cru wine: balanced and fairly salty, with a big personality. It is great for melting, slightly granulated, and lingers in the mouth. In the mouth, its unctuous and supple texture melts deliciously with a recognizable taste, and leaves you with a powerful and lingering aftertaste.

Since 1906, the Papillon Dairies have been making authentic Roquefort born of the marriage of men and nature. This union of over one hundred years is the basis for the identity of a product whose notoriety lies above all in their confidence in experts. Papillon's confidence is in natural savoir-faire, tradition, and flavor, which all serve to make this Roquefort inimitable.

  • Made from unpasteurized sheep's milk.
  • Photo depicts whole 3 lb form of cheese.
  • We sell this item in whole form.