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Olives by Frutto d'Italia
Frutto D’Italia was established in 1988 from the merger of small Italian companies that had operated since 1921 on a regional level in the production of table olives. True to their origins, their specialties are born from the deep knowledge and love they have for the products they work with, as well as for the will to preserve the traditions of the land. Having inherited the traditional skills from master olive growers, Frutto D’Italia lets genuineness coexist with the current needs of quality and modern packaging. We are proud to offer five of their delicious table olives for sale:
  • Green Castelvetrano: Italian olives from Sicily prepared in a delicate brine, with a mild taste, buttery flavor and crisp firm pulp. Ideal as a snack or as an ingredient to add flavor to many meat, poultry and fish recipes. Unpitted.
  • Green Cerignola: These brine-cured Italian olives from the Puglia region are also known as "Bella di Puglia" or "Bella di Cerignola." These beautiful, large olives have a meaty texure and delicate, sweet flavor. Excellent with cocktails or as a snack! Unpitted.
  • Gaeta Olives: Also known as the "Queen of Olives," this excellent fruit with a unique and delicate flavor can be used in many dishes of international cuisine. Perfect as a salad or pasta ingredient, as an appetizer, and as a topping in fish and game recipes. Unpitted.
  • Taggiasca Olives: Petite black Italian olives from Liguria with a delicate flavor, fruity aroma, and earthy taste. Perfect as a salad topping, in pasta recipes, or in antipasto dishes. Pitted.
  • Italian Olive Medley: Original Italian green and black pitted olives prepared in oil with red and yellow bell pepper strips and garlic. This excellent blend is perfect as an appetizer, colorful side dish, or as a tasty topping for pizza and focaccia,
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