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Spanish Olives by Dequmana
This elegantly designed line of olives is cured the traditional and natural way with water and salt. The olives are hand harvested and processed in small batches in barrels to ensure the highest quality product. No dyes, preservatives or overwhelming vinegar to get in your taste buds' way. Available in the following varieties:
  • Arbequina Olives: Cured for 3-4 months, are firm and loaded with the buttery flavor characteristic of this small olive with a high oil content.
  • Empeltre Olives: Picked ripe and black and cured for 12-14 months; due to a higher sugar content, are tender and have a slightly sweet flavor.
  • Gordal Olives: The enormous Gorda is firm and succulent. Grown mostly in Andalucia, it ripens early and is used exclusively as a table olive due to its lower oil content and many sugars that help in the fermentation process.
  • Mixed Olives with Herbs: A perfect combination of Hojiblanca, Gordal, Cuquillo, and Arbequina olives, herbs and natural red pepper following a traditional recipe used in Andalucian homes each year upon the arrival of the harvest.
The Losada De Que Mana brand reflects the old Roman road named Decumano that ran from the Andalucian town of Carmona (where these olives are produced) to Rome. Much of the olives and olive oil used by the Romans came from Spain and traveled this road. This product has been produced free of soy, gluten, dairy, and genetically engineered ingredients.

Varieties Sold Separately.