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Sashimi Tamari Shoyu
Takumi Sashimi Tamari is 'Sashimi Grade' Tamari. Supporting a 3000-year-old tradition, dark in color and clean in appearance, it has a natural balance with complex flavor and aroma. A premium soy sauce, less sodium, and wheat-free.

Tamari was first produced as a by-product of the soybean miso. People who were making soybean miso discovered the value of the raw liquid drawn off from the cedar kegs during the fermentation process. Since then, Tamari itself has become a popular soy sauce product. The actual translation of tamari is "puddle," so-called by the way it would pool on top of the miso. Many of the kegs now in use for Takumi's soy sauce are two and three centuries old, and through repeated use, they retain certain microorganisms deep within the grain of the wood. Thus, in addition to the traditional practices and techniques handed down within the maker's household from generation to generation, the maker's plant carries another biological tradition of microbial cultures handed down through generations of use. Since genuine Tamari is a non-wheat product, it has a distinctive aroma as well as thicker texture, deeper color, and stronger taste. It is often used for dipping raw fish (sashimi), sautéing teriyaki, and other culinary techniques.