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North Country Smokehouse Uncured Fruitwood Bacon
This farmhouse-style, all-natural bacon is marinated in real maple syrup and smoked for hours over applewood and cherry fires to create an old-time flavor. Certified Humanely raised and handled, pork is the base for this exceptional bacon. All of New Hampshire-based North Country's wood-smoked bacon starts as lean pork bellies that are carefully selected from Canadian family farms and hand-trimmed by in-house butchers to exacting specifications. Then the slabs are marinated for days in dark maple syrup brine and double smoked to create hearty, thick-cut bacon that's more boldly flavorful than you'd expect. As a featured ingredient in a savory signature dish or crisply seared on its own, this bacon is some of the best you'll ever try.

Antibiotic-free pork with no preservatives or nitrites used.