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Single Estate Chocolate Ganaches Gift Box by Michel Cluizel
This is a gift to savor, a gift strictly for chocolate cognoscenti, not "chocoholics" looking for a sugary fix. Imported from France, each dark chocolate ganache bon bon is made from the 1st cru cocoa of a single plantation. Included are 26 assorted chocolates from five different plantations: Los Ancones of Santo Domingo, Concepcion from Venezuela, Vila Gracinda in Sao Tome, Mangaro Noir of Madagascar, and Maralumi in Papua New Guinea. Slowly relish this aromatic journey through Michel Cluizel's five favorite plantations.

Michel Cluizel has been making chocolate in the southern Normandy region of France to an exclusively high standard, in the French chocolate making tradition, since 1948.

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Size: 9.6 ounces