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Bissingers Gourmet Gummy Pandas
This healthful and wholesome snack is packed with the antioxidants of its hand-selected, organic ingredients. Using real fruit extracts results in truer flavors for each variety. Come in three flavors:

Blueberry Acai: Two super-fruits collaborate for award winning great taste and healthful antioxidant snacking. When you first open a bag of these memorable treats, you are overwhelmed with the bountiful bouquet of real blueberry. The semi-soft texture allows you to savor the authentic, juicy, fruity, refreshing essence. Awarded "Outstanding Confection" at the 54th Summer Fancy Food Show in New York City!

Pomegranate White Tea: Pomegranate, which traditionally symbolizes health, and white tea, the revered luxury drink of Chinese aristocrats, combine their high antioxidant properties to positively contribute to a healthy lifestyle. This slightly tart, perfect pairing is a soft, satisfying, refreshing natural treat.

  • Varieties sold separately.
  • Made from organic sweeteners.