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Dark Chocolate Covered Wine Grapes by Bissingers
Revel in this unprecedented indulgence. Most wine grapes make their way into a bottle of wine, but a limited supply is reserved for this award-winning confection. Plump, purple grapes are plucked from the vine, infused with Shiraz wine and coated in a layer of Bissinger's dark chocolate.

These Muscato varietal grapes are sourced from the wine-region of California, where they are sun-dried on the stem. We then infuse them with Shiraz wine until they are plump with mouth-watering flavor and texture. Finally, our Chocolatiers enrobe them in 60% dark chocolate. Each one bursts with a rich chocolate taste, accented by the subtly sweet bite of smooth red wine. Pair this treat with a glass of red wine and a chunk of salty cheese, or a dessert wine to finish a meal.

  • Gluten free.