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Glenfiddich Highland Whiskey Cake

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Two Scottish classics come together in this deliciously moist and aromatic cake – Walkers and Glenfiddich malt whiskey. It's the same irresistible combination in a smaller size – but there are no half measures. Unseal the cellophane wrap and savor the aroma of pure heaven: malt whiskey from Glenfiddich Distillery mingled with spices and succulent fruits baked into a traditional Walkers cake. Like all Walkers products, the Glenfiddich Highland Whiskey Cake is made with only the finest natural ingredients: plump sultanas and cherries, crisp almonds, delicate spices, and Glenfiddich malt whiskey. There are no artificial flavorings, colorings, or preservatives. Just naturally delicious ingredients. Now, there's a reason to celebrate.