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Skillet Pumpkin Sauce
From the makers of Bacon Jam, here's the latest innovation from Skillet's airstream trailer kitchen – a line of pumpkin-based sauces that folks can use similarly to the way they would use a traditional ketchup. These condiments deliver a distinctive taste experience as well as all the rich vitamins and minerals that come from pumpkin.
Available in two varieties:
  • Chipotle: Southwest meets pumpkin! The deep smoky chipotle flavor, coupled with aromatic spices, delivered on the rich base of pumpkin. Use it with homemade tortillas, or with traditional French fries. Add it to your super-secret taco recipe. Or marinate a flank steak with it for the barbeque.
  • Brown Sugar and Apple Cider Vinegar: The brown sugar and vinegar flavor does a number on your head and your mouth. At first taste, you want to say "it tastes like a yummy ketchup." But then you get the spicy pumpkin flavor and all you can say is "wow!" Try it on a grilled Turkey-and-Gruyere Panini or add some cream and vegetable stock to make a fabulous sauce for butternut squash ravioli.

  • Varieties sold separately.

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