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Azores Flores
Besides its presence on the Iberian Peninsula, Portugal encompasses the Azores Islands of the Archipelago, one of which is the Flores Island. This land mass is covered with forests in the center, but ringed with sandy beaches and covered in pink and purple hydrangea flowers. Flores lies nearly 1,000 miles to the west of Lisbon in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. The Portuguese colonized the islands in the mid-15th century. Often invaded by pirates, the islands eventually became an important part of Atlantic trade, serving as a stopping point for planes and cruise ships. They are known for their fishing industry, tropical fruit, wine, and cheeses.

Azores Flores, far out in the sea, is an unlikely home to dairy cows, but the Portuguese saw the lush fields and forests and realized the potential for cattle rearing. The farmers now promote Azores Flores, a pasteurized cow's milk cheese, aged for three months, with a strong, clean, spicy taste and aroma.

While this cheese is not overly aged, its history dates back to seafaring times. The islands were known for their high quality, fragrant milk. The farmers made fresh cheeses meant to be eaten straightaway in the port, but for those on a long journey, they made firmer cheeses that could travel the distance.

  • Made from pasteurized cow's milk.
  • Photo depicts whole 18 lb. form of cheese.
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