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Size: 7.6 ounces
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Jalapeno Cheddar by Yancey's Fancy
Yancey's Fancy has built their reputation on a range of delicious, full-flavored cheeses that combine full-flavored New York State cheddar with the best flavorings available. One of our favorites is their Jalapeno Cheddar. Mixed with the cheddar curds are real pieces of jalapeno peppers, along with a dusting of cayenne pepper. Spicy, but not searing, this is a cheese that will keep you reaching for one more zesty bite. It's delicious as a snack, but also melts perfectly. Try it shredded on nachos, tossed with black beans, or topping your favorite burger.
  • Made from pasteurized processed cow's milk.
  • Photo depicts whole 7.6 oz. form of cheese.