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Wild Boar Bacon
The wild boar has been hunted for food, for sport or to protect crops against their ravages since the days of the cave men. In the Middle Ages boar hunting with spears and dogs was a royal sport and the serving of a boar's head at the Christmas feast in Merry England was a holdover of a much older pagan rite at the time of the winter solstice. All other breeds of swine are derived from this prehistoric pig. Referred to as "Wild Boar" it is in fact a cage-free, pastured animal. The wild boar is an extremely hardy animal that is capable of growth even during the hardest winter. Unlike the domestic pig, Wild Boar are not prone to illness or disease.

Wild boar meat is not gamey tasting; the meat is darker in color with a distinct, more flavorful taste than domestic pork. This specialty bacon is simply sumptuous, with a rich flavor and a heady maple-smoke aroma. Perfect for an exotic Sunday brunch with leek scrambled eggs and brioche toast.