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Pure Ontario Grade A Maple Syrup in Tin by Maple Orchard Farms
Producing excellent maple syrup is no easy task. Just like producing wine and tending to the vines, one must tend year-round to the maple trees to make sure they're in top condition for sugaring season. But as the end of winter and beginning of spring is never predictable, a maple farmer must be flexible, and understand that each day will present a different challenge to extract the liquid gold from the trees. In the wintery region of Ontario, Maple Orchard Farms is all too familiar with the day-to-day issues of syrup production. That's why they carefully grade each barrel of syrup, to ensure each jar is absolutely perfect. Enjoy this No 1 Medium Amber pure Ontario maple syrup every day, from breakfast pancakes to glazing a dinner ham to a sumptuous maple cream mousse for dessert. Packaged in a vintage tin, this syrup also makes a lovely gift for anyone who needs a bit of extra sweetness in his or her life.