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Olio Trevi Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Umbria DOP
This fresh, fruity and intensely green Umbrian olive oil has been produced in the Trevi hillsides for 2,000 years. The production techniques are not much different from those used by the Etruscans at that time. Olives are hand picked in the field and carried the same day over rough terrain to the mill. The olives are crushed by two great granite stones and the oil is then separated with a Sinolea machine without pressure.

Trevi has an aroma of fresh olives, and one can detect hints of green apple, Umbrian truffle, and an overtone of honey. It is smooth on the palate with a slightly peppery finish. This is the perfect oil for dressing fresh pasta, spinach, and olives, or use it to marinate cubes of pecorino for antipasto.