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Castelvetrano Green Olives
Castelvetrano olives, named after a town in Sicily, are always an attention-grabber. From their almost-florescent green color to their smooth, mild flavor, these olives are finding their way into antipasto platters and martinis across the world. Also called nocellara del belice, these olives are great to have on hand for everything from snacking to recipes. Castelvetrano olives are harvested young and lightly brined, which explains both their vivid green color and mild flavor. Tradition is the driving force for all of Cinquina's olive products. Based where the sun shines on the green hills of Abruzzo Frentana, at the foot of the Maiella Mountains, Cinquina is dedicated to selecting only the best olives from their grove of ancient trees. Quickly and carefully packed, each jar fully preserves the original purity and flavor of these exceptional olives.

    These olives contain pits.