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Italian Anchovies in Sea Salt by Scalia
Long coveted by connoisseurs, anchovies packed in salt have a pure, intense flavor, undiluted by water or the flavors of oil. Once anchovies are harvested, they are packed in barrels and a layer of anchovies are packed in salt, which is then layered on with more anchovies. This stacking method builds pressure within the barrel and the salt preserves the small fish as it is absorbed into their flesh. These salt packed anchovies come to you direct from this curing process. No other liquids are added to draw off their distinctive flavor. To use these anchovies, simply soak them for 15-20 minutes in warm water, then lift out the spines and separate the two filets.

Scalia Fishing was founded by Benedetto Scalia in Sciacca Thermae, a coastal city famous for its bountiful fish population. Scalia's "Guarantee Of Quality" is the company's hallmark. Discover authentic Mediterranean taste and the tender quality of these anchovies.