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Pine and Acacia Honey by Mieli Thun
An old tradition in the Trentino region of Italy is to add the resionous flavor of pine to foods, as you might with rosemary or juniper. The gentleness of acacia honey is united with the special aromas of pino mugo, the Italian Mountain Pine. Use this as a drizzling accent on fresh goat cheese, ricotta, or over ice cream. After the honey is gone, you can unscrew the cap and use the pine branch to brush on a woody glaze over pork or grilled chicken. Mieli Thun's small, family-run company is renowned for its many types of single variety Italian honeys, obtained through knowing and directed nomadic beekeeping. Their ambition is to help lead a renaissance in artisanal honey-making: the quintessence of the art of gathering honey.
  • No honey should be fed to infants 12 months or younger.