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Miller's Pure Pennsylvania Maple Syrup - Amber Rich-Pint
This Grade A Medium Amber Maple Syrup comes from the Miller family in Wellsboro, Pennsylvania. Dale Miller has been making maple syrup as a hobby since the 1970's, but became serious about the maple business in 1995, when he tapped 100 of his own trees to produce 40 gallons of amber nectar. After that spring's syrup ended, Dale spent the summer researching ways to expand his production. In the fall that year he purchased an old farm property that included over 300 maple trees. It's been onward and upward each year, with an annual production of 800 gallons of syrup. We're glad to have gotten our hands on some, as this syrup is perfect for weekend breakfasts, or including in your kitchen pantry for spicing up baked goods, marinades, and sauces.

Miller's grades their syrup using the new international maple grading system: Golden Color with Delicate Flavor (was Grade A Light Amber), Amber Color with Rich Flavor (was Grade A Medium Amber) and Dark Color with Robust Flavor (was Grade A Dark Amber and Grade B).