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Lemon Blossom Honey by Dolce Alveare
This Lemon Blossom honey by Dolce Alveare is pink-white, thick and sweet. It has a beautiful delicate aroma of lemon blossoms, as well as hints of marmalade with a slight acid note. Light white color with rose hues are indications of purity and the honey will darken as well as crystallize into granules of medium sizes with time.

In Sicily, the Lemon blossom honey is made during a long blooming period which spans from the autumn 'primo fiore' followed by the 'bianchetti' in Spring until the very first days of Summer. The most common variety of lemon (Citrus x limon) around the area of Zafferana Etnea and the province of Messina is the 'femminello' as well as the 'monachello', the 'interdonato' and the 'femminello Santa Teresa'.

The origin of the plant is a mystery, though it is believed that the lemon tree grew in Southern India, Burma and China and entered Italy during the 1st. Century AD.

Lemon blossom honey is a perfect honey to stir in a cup of tea or a glass of warm chai. Spread it on toast and use in baking recipes calling for honey. Use as a glaze for roast chicken or turkey.