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Shipwreck Galley Salsa
Shipwreck Galley Salsa set up shop on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean, in Presque Isle, Maine. Calling upon the local seafaring history, they created this unique and delicious line of spirit-infused salsas. The unique combination of spirit and spice intensifies the flavor to tingle the taste buds. They use only the best of provisions and, once cooked to the ideal temperature, their salsa then simmers on the hob for a time to produce the perfect flavor.  Shipwreck Galley Salsa's goal is to continue the tradition of Pegleg the cook, creating a salsa so tasty that one bite will caress your taste buds to come back again.  These salsa concoctions are a tribute to the cooks of seafaring days gone by, when water was limited and alcohol was the safest and preferred beverage. Even if you're not the pirating type, you'll surely fall for these delicious salsas with your favorite chips.
  • Chipotle and Tequila: This salsa is reserved for those who truly savor an exceptional spicy taste sensation. The earthy spiciness of smoked dried jalapeno chilies is fused with the exceptional taste and spirit of tequila.
  • Black Bean and Beer: This is the original recipe, exploiting the best of beer, mixed with black beans and a unique blend of spices... Oh, so sublime!
  • Olives and Gin: Beyond doubt, this is Pegleg's most unique recipe. The refined spirit of gin with the intense flavor of olives and a hint of spice produces a very hearty flavor.
  • Cherry and Brandy: Pegleg out did himself on this one, he blend Brandy with a whole lot of fresh Cherries creating a tart sweetness flavor with just a touch of spice. Aye, blimey, this is a splendid salsa.
  • Blueberries and Vodka: The hypnotic flavor of the sweet wild blueberry inspired Pegleg to combine berries and spirits to create his blueberry and vodka salsa. Savory sweetness, worth of even the most discriminating palate.
  • Black Pepper and Ale: Truly one of Pegleg's best recipes, add the Secret Spices but heavy on the Black Pepper and Export Ale, not hot but spicy. Shiver me timbers, this is grand salsa!
  • Peach and Schnapps: Delicious - yet somewhat stimulating - with a strong peach flavor. This is Pegleg's most treasured creation. Once infused with Peach, the spirits and spice quiver with exceptional flavor.

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