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Wild Carrot Honey by Mieli Thun
Daucus carota goes by many names, from wild carrot ("Carota Selvatica" in Italian) to Queen Anne's Lace and the Bird's Nest Flower. Imported from Sicily, this honey is harvested from April to October. Crystallizing quickly in the jar, this light-colored honey is a soft tan color, like toasted biscuits. The aroma is particularly intense, with a rapid progression of coconut, mustard, and carrot notes. The taste is mildly sweet, with an attractive, but slightly tannic, finish.

Mieli Thun's small, family run company is renowned for its many types of single variety Italian honeys, obtained through knowing and directed nomadic beekeeping. Their ambition is to help lead a renaissance in artisanal honey-making: the quintessence of the art of gathering honey.