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Bresaola (Mocetta) by Creminelli
Pronounced Mochetta, it is a small version of Bresaola and one of very few beef products in the Italian deli. Mocetta and Bresaola originated in small regions in the mountainous far north of Italy but are now used widely. Made by Creminelli in Utah, this is one of the best and most authentic versions we've found stateside.

Historically, Mocetta comes from the Valle d'Aosta Region of Italy bordering France. The beef eye of round is dry-rubbed, massaged, marinated, and air-dried. It has no casing. Mocetta is a perfect substitute for bresaola or beef carpaccio and is prepared in the same way. In Valle d'Aosta it is also served on bread with garlic butter and honey, or with Raclette. Use like Bresaola or beef carpaccio for an appetizer which can include olive oil, Parmigiano shavings, arugula, and lemon juice.