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Scottish Honey by John Mellis
This Scottish honey is gathered on the moors in late summer, as the bees collect nectar and pollen from Clover, Bell, and Ling Heather. The resulting honey is a beautiful shade of gold, like soft brass. The pronounced aroma carries notes of flowers and a slightly spicy, herbal edge. With a soft, slightly crystalline texture, this honey slowly dissolves on the palate. Smooth, with notes of brown sugar and sorghum, this Scottish honey finishes without a trace of bitterness. Although lovely in tea, we enjoy savoring this honey spread generously on a scone with clotted cream.

John Mellis looks after 400 colonies of bees and produces a range of top quality honeys from the diverse wild forage to be found in Dumfries and Galloway. These honeys are popular not just locally, but also have a loyal fan base throughout the U.K. and Continental Europe. In December John won the Dumfries & Galloway Life award as Food/Drink Producer for 2011. Since this is a natural, raw honey, it will crystallize over time or at cooler temperatures. To return this honey to a liquid state, simply heat the jar in warm water, stirring to smooth the texture.

  • No honey should be fed to infants 12 months or younger. .